SRI’s Electric Vehicle to Tough It Out in Baja Peninsula

If you thought electrical vehicles are not made for tough terrains, think again. SRI’s EV1 is starting at the NORRA’s Maxican 1000 rally.


The Baja peninsula (pronounced ba-ha) has not be covered by many electrical vehicles and SRI’s EV1 will probably one of the first to do the difficult sandy terrain.  SRI’s EV1 comes with a 535HP, 400kW open-wheeler body which allows the driver to zoom across sandy terrain with relative ease. In fact, the first time I looked at this vehicle, it looked like a Martian space vehicle to me. And that probably explains why it is being made to run on sand in Baja peninsula.

EV1 isn’t actually made for winning. It is far from the Evolution class and ranks at 36th place. However, the point is the SRI will now get enough funding to hot-swap batteries and ensure that it can complete all the stages in future races. Also, this is yet another proof that EVs can thrive in the world’s most difficult conditions. They can probably used in cold and hot deserts across the world, where traveling upon the back of a camel is not always possible, nor is it practical.

There is no information about SRI’s EV1’s price or availability date. I hope this vehicle is produced commercially so that we can take a ride on it in some of the most difficult terrains of the world. Certainly, it has a great design and body that is well suited for deserts in particular. However, I can also seen them being used on rocky terrain and brush. It would be interesting to test SRI’s EV1 in a variety of terrains.

You can also go ahead and take a look at the Ing-Q EV, which we had featured sometime ago. It resembles a pod and is great to look at. The e-Volo Multicopter runs on electricity and is a great way to show that you prefer all things green and clean.