Stainless Steel Insects: Future Form Of Origami

Origami has been a very popular and old form of art, which includes folding of papers in to form different sculptures. With the introduction of these Stainless Steel Folding Insects, it seems that the art of folding paper has changed its form. Probably, folding of metal cards to form different shapes is what is called our futuristic origami.

These metal insects come in a completely flat metal card. All you have to do is just cut them out from the card and fold into shapes to form mini metallic insects. Be it your aluminum Macbook, or just your table top – the stainless steel grasshopper, dragonfly or woodlouse definitely adds a great look. All you need to have a little bit of patience and perfection to bring these insects to life.

Very easy to make and running for only $11.99, these stainless steel insects can also be a very good gift for your friends. Approximately measuring 3 inches after finished, these insects are presently available in few forms and are imported from UK. However, this metal origami is surely going to be very popular among the origami lovers very soon. If you are really interested about Modern Origami, don’t miss out these amazing pieces of Creative Paper Cut Designs and Life Sized Link Papercraft Model.