Microsoft Offering Stand-alone Kinect October 7 For $149.99

The motion-sensing Xbox One peripheral is going solo in the fall.

Xbox One sensor image 1

When Microsoft unhitched Kinect from the Xbox One as a desperate $399 price-cutting solution to catch up with the PlayStation 4 sales-wise (spoilers: it didn’t help), the company briefly mentioned in passing that the motion sensing camera would be available separately later in the year.

As we’ve come to learn today, that will happen on October 7, when Microsoft will make the Kinect sensor available at United States retailers for the price of $149.99 USD.

That might look absurdly pricy for a peripheral that hasn’t really shown its usefulness outside UI navigation or voice commands, but honestly if Kinect is what you want, I’d recommend getting the Xbox One (with Kinect) bundle that can still be found for $499, $50 dollars less than the buying both individually.

Of course, the faultiness in my recommendation is if you already have an Xbox One to begin with. Then yeah, for existing Xbox One console owners, it is a bummer of a price.

Although, stand-alone Kinect buyers do receiver a free download code for Dance Central Spotlight, the next dance game from former Rock Band developers Harmonix, which is exclusive to the Xbox One and includes a 10-track soundtrack of popular music artists to bust a groove with.

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