Star Wars Scenes as a 1980’s High School

After Disney are done with the third Star Wars trilogy they’re currently working on, maybe this vision, offered by Denis Medri, of a High School series or movie, set in the 1980’s, but with the Star Wars characters we all love (or hate) can come to life, and bring even more money to George Lucas and whoever owns the franchise rights.

Princess Leia Giving R2-D2 a Message to Deliver

Leia Message

Han Solo and Greedo at the Tavern

Han Shot First

Luke Watching the Sunset

Luke Sunset

Darth Vader Finding Lack of Faith Disturbing

Vader the Bully

Let Chewbacca Win

Let Chewbacca Win

Ben Kenobi Saving Luke Skywalker

Ben Kenobi Saving Luke

The Millennium Falcon as a classic 80’s custom Van

Han & Chewie Millenium Falcon

Yoda Giving Luke Force Training

Yoda Training Luke

Han Solo Meets Lando Calrissian

Han Meeting Lando

Darth Vader & Stormtroopers Capturing Princess Leia

Vader Leia Stormtroopers

This isn’t the first time Denis Medri, who has more of these 80’s adaptation of Star Wars characters in a high school scenario, took a certain fictional universe and blended it with a current style. For more of his work, check out his Batman – Rockabilly works.