Brand Logos on Star Wars Fashion

The Star Wars battle has descended down to earth to play a whole new game. It has engulfed the corporate world and is ready to take the world with a storm. Take a look at the brand wars that it is about to begin with all the Star Wars inspired logos.

The brand war that has ensued is the creation of the New Zealander Barn Bocock. You might also get to know him as HtCRU, short for How to Carve Roast Unicorn. This is the name of his blog and this is where he puts before everyone his ideas and concepts. The latest in the series is his Brand Wars collection where he has taken the liberty to play around some of the leading brand logos. Not only are the leading market logos displayed here but each one is gelled together with the Star Wars characters. These logos belong to the category of those products that have become a phenomenon in these times and carry the identity of the company on their shoulders. Under such circumstances when someone tries to tweak them a little it is sure to grab attention.

This little tweak takes on a larger shape when you get to know that a movie like Star Wars is involved in it. Being one of the greatest movie sagas of all times it carries a fan following in every age group and among all kinds of people. In fact it goes across boundaries.

This brand war with the Star Wars inspired logos is played around with the company logos of firms like Pizza Hut, Reebok, Addidas, Puma etc. These well known and very popular logos are married to some of the main characters of the movie. They consist of Jabba the Hut, Boba Fett, the Sith, Jedi and a few more. These are some of the most popular characters and draw instant relation with the movies.

The logos carry an identity of their own and are instant eye catchers. The Star Wars inspired logos are completely ready to adorn any kind of object. You could catch them on t-shirts, iphone skins, laptop skins, hoodies etc. You can also make your logo appear in the color of your choice.

HtCRU has created excellent combination of logos and Star Wars. The chosen character rightfully fits into the particular character, for example Jabba the Hutt in place of Pizza Hut. It is a perfect combination of some of the greatest movie sagas of all times with some of the very well known characters. It could be said to be another lovely gift for all Star Wars fans.

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Via: Red Bubble & Society 6