The Best Star Wars Wampa Costume Ever!

If you’re into Star Wars as much as I am, then you will probably know quite a bit of the Star Wars bestiary; and even if you’re not as much of a fan, you probably still know of a few of the creatures that show up in the movies.

For example, you’re probably someone who knows about the Wampas in Empire Strikes Back. An interesting side effect of this, and a common one derived from the Star Wars fandom, is the cosplaying of Star Wars characters, and Jeremy Naylor from MyWampa has decided to take this to the next level, by designing a Wampa costume which looks simply amazing.


The design looks simply amazing, and is probably just as good as, if not better than the original wampas. The costume is very detailed on the outside and somewhat complicated on the inside. It’s constructed with several layers of material, including an exoskeleton with a pair of stilts, so that he has the height of a wampa while in the suit.


The design is pretty cool, and it’s hard to tell that it’s fake, without looking at it close up. When Jeremy finished it, he provided some commentary about the design, basically saying that:

Here are some complete costume pics with me in it. Yesterday, I put the complete costume on for the first time. Mobility of the body is pretty easy though the arms don’t have the full range of motion I had hoped for. They are heavy and even with the weight being distributed through the backpack, you still have to make a dead lift to raise them while hoping to keep your balance.

The head on the body looks better than I thought it would, there was a moment when I thought it looked too small. But being my own worst critic, I still think the arms are too thick. But can’t change that now. But there is one big benefit of having the arms this size. As you can see below, I can slip my arms out of the “pits” and be able to adjust the head, or take a drink. My last costume I had to remove the arms all together to do this, now they stay in place and keep the illusion alive. This is also great when i want to take a break from holding them, I can just rest my arms inside.

So basically, it’s heavy, and tough to get used to. Either way, it looks stunning, and is something true fans can appreciate. Below are some more pictures of the finished product with some in-progress photos, as well as demonstration videos at the various steps.








Along with the two video seen above, here is a third showing Jeremy testing out the different Wampa parts.

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Via MyDisguises