Star Wars Clone Helmet Voice Amplifier

If you want to join the amazing clone army from Star Wars, then here is that golden opportunity, seems they are looking for new recruits but the catch is that you need to sound exactly like a clone!. Do not be dismayed, presenting to you the Clone Trooper Voice Changer, it automatically amplifies your voice into a clone’s voice! kind of cool!.Star Wars Clone Trooper Helmet

All those looking to join the Grand Army Of The Republic might really need this piece of equipment , because it makes you sound like a clone. This is a life size role play Star Wars Trooper helmet suitable for fans of all ages (ages- 5 and up), and guess what? it has an integrated inbuilt voice morph device which amplifies your voice to make you sound like a clone. It also features many familiar and signature phrases from the TV show.

So buckle up your muscles and get ready to join the elite forces to fight off the enemy, maybe you and your friends might just be able to put together a whole Grand Army Of The Republic!.

The helmet is available for only $42.99 and could make any Star Wars geek drool.