Awesome Star Wars Family Portraits

The Star Wars movies continue to receive so many remakes, parodies and various artworks created in tribute, and the following versions show them as awesome Star Wars Family Portraits, which are just Grade-A Geek.

star wars family portraits steven quinn

Created by artist Steven Quinn, the Star Wars characters look so right as your next door Geek family. Not sure if these would be a fit on Endor, Hoth or in one of the Galaxies from the movies, but they are a definite fit in ours. In addition, since this great Star Wars art received such high acclaim, Steven was also nice enough to create some iPhone Backgrounds for those who are large fans of the portraits.

star wars family art steven quinn

If you are up for some more Star Wars art remakes, then you should check out the Star Wars Alphabet or the stunning Birth of a Jedi Oil Painting.

star wars family portraits art steven quinn