The Star Wars Family Tree

After we took you through the Skywalker family tree, why not see the bigger picture of the entire universe, and not just the crown family of the rebels fighting against the empire?

Joe Stone, who has made a few awesome family trees in his life, most notably tackling a lot of the Marvel franchises including the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, decided to take on the most important geekdom in the universe – Star Wars, but not only by giving us the lowdown on who is a father and who are brother and sister, but going into further detail – battles, friendships and inappropriate kissing between siblings, for example.


Here’s what the creator, Joe Stone, had to say about his own work: A couple of years after finishing the Marvel Universe Family Tree series I decided to continue the idea and expand it into other areas of pop culture. As a huge Star Wars fan, and with the news that a new series of films were to be made, it seemed like the only option.

Limiting the characters purely to the film and canonical TV series’ (although I’m not ruling out the possibility of drawing up an extended universe version at some point) I went about creating a minimalist icon for each major character before laying them out with lines highlighting their various relationships to one another, whether that be romance, a significant battle or otherwise.

For his awesome take on the X-Men family tree, take a glance over here. For the Skywalker family tree, just step through here. For Joe Stone’s portfolio to check out some more stuff he’s been doing, take a look here.