Star Wars Inspired Jackets

Among the endless stream of Star Wars items to flood our lives since Episode VII came out, something that stands out, which is difficult to do, are the Star Wars inspired jackets by Matchless London, which is mostly about keeping a certain look and feel from the film, not copy it completely.

The idea behind the Matchless jackets Star Wars line isn’t to copy them one for one from the films, but keep the distinct style of Matchless London with a Star Wars kind of twist.

star wars inspired clothes jACKETs

Some might be closer to the origin than others. The Finn and Han Solo jacket more than slightly resemble their clothing from the films, while the Tie Fighter Pilot and the Rey jackets are more about providing inspiration, nothing more.

These jackets do provide something of a different way for Star Wars fans to look like their heroes/idols from the film series, but do it with some sort of original look. It can be a Star Wars jacket, but it can also be a rugged looking vintage one that happens to resemble something from Star Wars, nothing more.

For those interested, they do not come cheaply. The Han Solo Men’s jacket will set you back over £1000, although it hasn’t stopped people from getting these, with the popular sizes running out of stock. You can get them all here, with the The Tie Fighter Blouson being my personal favorite.

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