Someone’s in the Kitchen With Slave Leia

“Star Wars” is a lot of things to a lot of people. For many of us, it’s a cherished childhood memory and our first introduction to the many rewards of the Geek lifestyle. The original Trilogy is a touchstone of nerd culture and still arguably the most popular sci-fi/fantasy series ever made. Even taking into account those lousy prequels, “Star Wars” is a great saga full of aliens, spaceships and high drama. What it most decidedly isn’t, however, is sexy. Except of course, for that one scene.

Just about every heterosexual guy who came of age sometime in the early 80s knows exactly what we’re talking about. It’s the sexy slave costume that Princess Leia wears while she’s a prisoner of Jabba the Hutt in “Return of the Jedi.” It’s the costume that confused and beguiled millions of young dudes. In theaters and rec rooms across the world, our cheeks turned red and we couldn’t for the life of us understand why we were so  interested in what, up until that point, had been a minor character. Sure, Leia was tough and she knew her way around a blaster, but compared to Luke, Han and Chewie, she was small potatoes. Until she put on that bikini. It may sound sexist, and it probably is, but Leia is mostly remembered now for her outfit in the first act of the third movie. If you don’t believe us, check online and see how many women dress up as “Hoth Leia” compared to “Slave Leia.”

Now, in keeping with the slightly sexist overtones of the Slave Leia Phenomenon, Kitchen Tech has produced an apron that’s adorned with the iconic two piece costume. For $24.99, you too can imagine yourself chained by the neck to a giant, slimy slug monster and slave to his every whim. All while cooking your favorite meals! Or, you know, you can just wear it for a laugh; either one is good.

But seriously, if you wear it with a Wookie costume like this guy, you may have a problem.

To see the Slave Leia Apron in action, check out this funny (and slightly creepy) episode of Cooking with Cyle.

If you’d rather show your love for Darth Vader during cooking time, there’s an apron for that, too, and a spatula and cookie molds.