20 Awesome Steampunk Watches

It is said that if you want to know a man, look at his shoes and watch. A watch can tell a lot about the owner’s personality and status. Thus, you have to choose your watch carefully. If you have always had a thing for retro and geek style, a beautiful steampunk watch is not a bad choice at all. Here are 20 awesome steampunk watch designs to make your own fashion statement and express your true self.

Artsy Steampunk Watch


With brown leather, the golden bronze, clock gears and other intricate details, this watch is steampunkish, artsy and glamorous. The elegant pair of wings implies “Time flies!”.

Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical Wristwatch


Inspired by the famous Vianney Halter timepiece, Jean-François Ruchonnet has come up with a luxurious wristwatch series that will totally blow your mind. Each Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical watch, as they are called, is made up of almost 1,352 components, all working in perfect symphony. Available at $275,000 each, Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical Watch is certainly out of this world.

Titanic Steampunk Watch


The Titanic DNA series is a luxurious watch series from the high profile watch maker Romain Jerome to pay tribute to the legendary Titanic. As part of the series, the Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Tourbillon Steampunk watch was designed with Titanic in mind.

Vulcania Steampunk Watch


Via: Watchismo

Christened Vulcania – the name that reminds you of the planet Vulcan from Star Trek, the watch actually got its name from the home island of Captain Nemo in Jules Verne’s steampunk novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. The watch has a deeply set three-dimensional display, separating each gauge as a tribute to vintage naval technology.

Horological Machine No. 2 Steampunk Watch


Via: Gizmodo

For $59,000, some might go for a brand new sport car, but some with style and status will go for MB&F’s innovative Horological Machine No. 2 steampunk watch. It features four dials, which offer the following measurements: instantaneous jump hour, concentric retrograde minutes, retrograde date and bi-hemisphere moon phase.

Suekichi Steampunk Watches




Via: Steampunk Lab, NiceProduce, Markwu

Haruo Suekichi is a skillful watch maker from Japan who has spent his last 13 years making amazing steampunk watches. Compared to the watches listed above, Suekichi’s watches belongs to the affordable category. It’s not expensive in Japan, but if you want to get on in the US, be ready to spend at least $1,200.

Olga Asymmetric Steampunk Watch


Via: aBlogtoRead

Olga Narozhna is one of very few female artists whose works are widely appreciate in steampunk movement. Her steampunk watch makes a great impression for its unique design with asymmetric structure and giant gears.

Xerquillus’ Steampunk Watch


Via: Xerquillus

DevianArt user Xerquillus had his third run with steampunk watch and the result was this brilliant design.

Egyptian Steampunk Watch


Via: Aranwen

Inspired by jewelry of Ancient Egypt, Aranwen’s steampunk watch is a stunning timepiece that signifies power, prestige and style. It is made out of most brass and bronze – typical materials of steampunk art.

Steampunk Gothic Cuff Watch


Via: Aranwen

Another steampunk creation by DevianArt user Aranwen, this cuff watch has a Gothic touch due to its silver color and black rose.

Futuristic Steampunk Watch


Via: Kyphoscoliosis

Understanding Kyphoscoliosis’ love for steampunk, his brother created this awesome steampunk watch for him as a birthday present. Made from black leather and real brass, the watch is no doubt a steampunk creation, yet its design makes it look like a futuristic bracelet from a sci-fi movie.

Jeffrey’s Steampunk Watch


Via: Jason Adams

Jeffrey’s steampunk watch is a giant design that is impressive, and probably intimidating as well.

Minimalist Steampunk Watch


Via: Hacked Gadgets

Compared to the enormous steampunk watch of Jeffrey’s, this watch will probably fall into the minimalist category with its own charm.

Steampunk Wristwatch


Via: mental design

This unique steampunk wristwatch becomes popular on the Internet even though there is no information whatsoever about it.

Steampunk Pocket Watch Necklace


Via: AnyPunk

This is one amazing design that works beautifully as both a timepiece and a jewelry piece. The spiral structure makes it look extremely graceful.

Vintage Pink Steampunk Watch Necklace


Via: GizmoDiva

Pink color and steampunk, two strikingly opposite things have come together in one marvelous design that will appeal to any girl with thing for fashion. It was hand assembled using a Fuchsia pink watch dial, vintage watch gears and wheels,  then further accented with clear Swarovski crystals.

L’AGE D’OR Steampunk Vintage Watch Ring


Via: 19 Moons

19 Moons combined steampunk elements and rubies into one splendid vintage watch ring. Entirely made from re-purposed materials, it is eco-friendly, lightweight and adjustable.

Simple Steampunk Watch


Via: Roony-of-the-wood

This is one simple yet beautiful steampunk watch that everybody with a little bit skills and passion can make one for him/herself. It took Roony-of-the-wood only several hours to stick the gears to the straps.