New Star Wars Lunch Boxes Starring Boba Fett, Darth Vader and R2D2

You consider yourself ‘the Ultimate Star Wars fan’. A R2D2 alarm clock wakes you up in the morning. You brush, bathe, and dry yourself using Star Wars merchandise. You eat and drink using bowls and glasses of the epic space opera. You watched the entire prequel trilogy, first day first show, dressed as an imperial trooper. You have perfected your saber skills like Luke Skywalker and can decimate any opposition. But then there is something missing from your collection.Yes there is! You will be hailed as the ultimate fan only when you posses the super-cool new Star Wars lunchboxes; featuring faces of three popular characters, the new set of Star Wars Face lunch boxes are definitely ‘kick-ass’.

darth vader lunch box geek

Darth Vader Face Lunchbox is both creepy and cool. Darth Vader’s eerie breathing makes your skin crawl, but his face on your lunchbox means only one thing: you are not to be messed with. The face of the Dark Lord will scare even the meanest of lunch bullies away. The Darth Vader Face Lunchbox has a smooth black finish to it with a comfy black grip to hold on to and can be yours at only $10.99.

darth vader lunch box geeks

boba fett lunch box geeks

Boba Fett, the ultimate bounty hunter and handyman of the Emperor. When a job needed to be done, Boba Fett is the man. A silent guy, he let his gun do all the talking. The Boba Fett Face Lunchbox features the white cranium of the silent killer, with the word ‘Assassin’ printed in deep red. It has a cool steel finish to it and ranks high on aesthetics and can also answer the fans’ calling at $10.99.

boba fett lunch box geek

r2d2 lunch box geek

Cute, adorable, dependable are the words that probably flash in your mind when you see R2D2. R2D2 is not only a trusted aide of Luke Skywalker but it can also fix anything anytime. You probably still remember the climactic battle sequence of the first Star Wars movie. Besides being an awesome mechanic, the droid was a hit with the ladies who fell in love with its electronic whistling voice. The R2D2 Lunchbox features the top half of the endearing robot, with a blue comfy grip. It is available as well for only $10.99. This collectible is sure to attract a fair amount of attention from women and fans alike.

r2d2 lunch box geeks

Even if you are not a fan of the Star wars franchise (it’s hard not to be one), the new set of Star Wars Face lunch boxes can add a dash of excitement and fun to mealtimes.These collectibles are strong, sturdy and economically priced. So what are you waiting for? Go forth and may the force be with you.