Star Wars: Jedi vs Online Training [Infographic]

The epic saga of the Star Wars first appeared on the scene much before the computer and the internet. None of the characters was ever aware of the existence of computer technology. With time things changed and now these advanced technological uses can be witnessed in the recently released movies. However, the etching out of these characters did not involve any high level training. They too fell prey to some very common mistakes without having any means to analyze their own moves, strategies and equipment.

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Let us fast forward to the present times when the internet is loaded with training modules. There is information regarding every field including fighting techniques, machinery usage and repair, character analysis and the list goes on and on. The Star Wars movies had a number of characters and each one had his own unique quality. But like any other normal person each one had his own weaknesses also. Overcoming a weakness is a great achievement but it needs to be recognized first. The internet would have definitely proved to be a very helpful medium to help each character build upon his strengths.

An infographic representation has been prepared by Column Five Media in association with Mindflash. This artistic presentation takes up the job of exploring the problems and solutions for a number of Star Wars Characters. The iconographic is named “How Star Wars Characters Could Have Benefited from Online Training.”

As the name suggests it is an attempt to look into the possibilities of the benefits an online training could have had for each character. There is Luke Skywalker, one of the most important characters. His near-death experience with Yoda could have been avoided if he had undergone an online training that could have taught him the basics of force. Besides he could also have continued his training after the death of Yoda and that too on a planet that was much closer than Dagobah.

This graphic representation gives ample examples of the ways in which various Star Wars characters could have developed their skills and intelligence with the use of the internet. There is mention of websites like Wikipedia and YouTube. Characters here are advised to look up information on Wikipedia and Google, attend online seminars, and look up tutorials on YouTube.

There are solutions for every field of interest and requirement for most of the characters. Had this facility been available to the Star Wars characters we would have been looking at a completely new story.

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