Angry Birds Speaker Docks

Angry Birds take over the world or at least that’s how things look like. After money banks and plush toys, we now also get Angry Birds-themed speaker docks for Apple devices.

Gear4, the manufacturer of these devices, offers speakers with the design of both angry birds and pigs, so nobody feels neglected. Keep in mind, though, that all the 3 models pictured above have different specifications. For example, the Red Bird Speaker, despite impersonating the most inutile character from the game, has some features that would be considered by many as more than decent. This 2.1 audio system comes with a stand for the iPad, iPhone or iPod, but can be actually used with any media player that has a 3.5 mm port.

The Helmet Pig, on the other hand, was designed specifically for portable Apple devices. The Black Bird and the Helmet Pig include a remote control, which while useful, it also makes the price go higher.A common feature to all 3 is the ability to control not only the volume, but also the bass. While the Red and the Black Birds can be connected to any portable media player through via an auxiliary cable, the Helmet pig also has a particularity. Its iPhone dock is located on the upper side of the helmet, thus making the entire setup more compact. Still, each character includes two speakers and a subwoofer, so these devices are already optimized for smaller footprints.

Assuming that the quality of the materials is high enough and that the speakers are loud enough, these three speakers should represent a good purchase. The target audience for these creative speakers does not consist only of Angry Birds addicts, who own everything, from cookbooks to baby clothes that feature these crazy characters. Anyone who is in the mood for some fun and for (presumably) loud music is recommended to check these out. Be aware, though, that the three speakers are priced differently. More precisely, the Red Bird costs $79.99, while the Black Bird and the Helmet Pig have a price tag of $99.99. All of them will be available for purchase soon on the web site of the manufacturer.

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