Star Wars Pixels Art By Raul Aguiar

While we’re waiting in between Star Wars films, why not enjoy an alternative look on the series and the characters, like with this incredibly fun looking Star Wars Pixels art?

Raul Aguiar, an artist based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, gives Star Wars (and other pop culture characters) makes Star Wars look a lot more fun and cheerful than it actually is (not that I mind dark and brooding in the right amount).

Star Wars Pixels Art by Raul Aguiar 1

There is a lot of Game of Thrones on his website, but his best work, in our opinion, has to do with Star Wars creations. It makes us wish someone would make an 8-Bit Star Wars game, with some humoristic twist on it. More than anything, his work reminds me of Sierra’s Space Quest games, probably their finest quest series, and they had a lot of good ones.

Star Wars Pixels Art by Raul Aguiar

Actually, if you do enough digging, there are Star Wars games from the 8-bit era, but these ones by Aguiar do have a modern twist and slickness to them. It might not be one of Disney’s top priorities at the moment, but making a simple game, maybe even for phones and tablets, based on this kind of visual style, could rake them even more money, and we know that above all else, cash makes that giant company tick.

Star Wars Pixels Art by Raul Aguiar 2 Star Wars Pixels Art by Raul Aguiar 3

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