30 Best Gadgets, Toys & Gift Ideas for Your Geek Tech Dad

Father’s day is in two weeks so now is the time to get ready for it. Sometimes it can be hard to think on a gift idea for your dad, well we did the hard work for you.

30 Best Gadgets Toys & Gift Ideas for Your Geek Tech Dad

If your dad can appreciate a cool toy or a great gadget you are in the right place. Below you’ll find 30 great gift ideas for your dad, some are more geeky than others, some are just toys for his inner child and some are just pure asweosme, we tried to keep the price tag affordable hopefully you’ll find what you are looking for.


Gadgets are a great gift to give your dad. Gadgets make our lives easier and more aswesome. Below we’ve tried to gather all of the most hot and buzzed about gadgets, hope we’ll nail it.

Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset Samsung Gear VR - Virtual Reality Headset fathers day gift ideas 2016

VR headphones or better said Virtual Reality Headset is the next hot thing. The concept of VR sets is on the rise and I think this is going to be one of the most popular gadgets on 2016. You can get these goggles here

Amazon Echo

amazon echo fathers day gift ideas gadgets 2016

This little gadget is a bit in the high price range of our gift ideas, so if your budget is more flexible and your dad is into music and he can appreciate a good sound, Amazon echo can be a fantastic gift idea for him . You can get it on Amazon.

Epson Home Cinema

best gift ideas for dad tech Epson Home Cinema 2016

If you have a very nice budget and looking to buy your dad something bigger this year, this home cinema by Epson can be a great gadget for your dad and a fantastic addition to his man cave. This projector delivers bright, Full HD widescreen content and will be a great way to watch movies and shows. You can check out more details on it here on Amazon.

Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System

fathers day gift ideas 2016 Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System

Golfer dads will love this gadget, You can get it here

Xbox One Ultimate Edition Bundle

best father days gift ideas for gamers

If your dad is a gamer, just be a good kid and if he doesn’t have already an Xbox buy him one, given it’s in your budget of course 🙂

OnePlus 2 Unlocked Smartphone

OnePlus 2 Unlocked Smartphone best gift 2016 tech fathers day

A smartphone is a great gift not just for father’s day but for any occasion. if your dad could use an upgrade on his phone, getting him a new shinny smartphone can be an awesome and super functional father’s day gift. You can get the OnePlus on here.

Wearable Technology

Wearable tech is becoming more and more popular these days, the first thing that comes to mind thinking about wearable tech is, of course, a smart watch. Today you can find a great selection to choose from, some smart watches will connect to your phone, show you your emails and daily tasks while others will track your daily activity and play you some music. The price range for these watches is flexible so pretty much everyone can find something they can afford. Beside smart watches, wearable tech is also smart glasses and smart bags and accessories.  One thing obviously is in common to all of these forms of wearable tech, you can wear them 🙂

Apple Smart Watch

fathers day gift ideas wearable tech 2016 Apple Smart WatchThis is the most classic smart watch you can get your dad especially if he own’s an iPhone. You can check apple’s selection of watches of their site.

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband 

best fathers day gift ideas wearable tech smart watch 2016

A tracking watch can be also a great gift idea for your dad if he likes to keep fit and exercise. The Fitbit watch activity tracker is offering some great feathers such tracking workouts, heart rate, distance, calories burned and more. You can get it on Amazon.

COULAX Bluetooth Neckband Headset 

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds best father day gift idea 2016

You can get these neckband headset here

Jabra SPORT COACH Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

best father days gift ideas 2016 Jabra SPORT COACH (Blue) Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

These sports earbuds by Jabra are a great gift for a dad who is into sports. You can get these Jabra earbuds here

Brain Teaser

Rubiks cube

Rubiks cube fathers day gift ideas 2016A classic Rubik’s cube is always a great gift for your dad especially if he never had one. You can get the classic model or perhaps some unique cube. You can find a great wide of selection here on Amazon.

ENIGMA Hanayama  Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle

smart fathers day gife ideas ENIGMA Hanayama Metal Brain Teaser PuzzleSometimes the simplest looking things are the most difficult ones. This level 6 brain teaser puzzle will definitely challenge your dad. You can get it here

3D Puzzle

fathers day gift ideas 2016 3D Crystal Puzzle - GrapesIf your dad is super smart and you are looking for a hard 3D puzzle from experience this one is hard! It will make him think while enjoying as he succeed (hopefully) to assemble it. You can get it here.

Deluxe Wood Board Chess Set

chees set goft idea fathers day 2016 Metal Chess Set With Deluxe Wood Board

A good chess set board can be a great gift for your dad. This is something you can both play together, spend some quality time and of course work on your strategy and chess skills.  You can get this wooden box chess set on here.

Geeky Gift Ideas

 Executive Knight Pen Holder

 funny fathers day gift idea Executive Knight Pen Holder Additional

On one hand, this is like a silly gift but on the other I’m sure I would take pride on it once it would sit on my work desk, pretty funny. Available for $29.99

Game of Thrones Dragon claw Goblet Replica

Game of Thrones Dragonclaw Goblet Replica fathers day gift idea 2016

if your dad is into Game of Thrones giving him this goblet will sure be a nice way to celebrate this day. Get it for $24.99

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Glassware Set

 Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Glassware Set

You dad is a treky? Well, your quest is over. Just buy him these glasses 🙂 Available for $29.99

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

Is this the droid your father been looking for? You can get it here

Das Boot Beer Glass

father day gifrt ideas 2016 beer glass

Your dad loves beer? Challenge him with this extra extra large beer boot. With 92 oz. capacity that’s a lot of beverage you can help . Especially for Father’s day this beer boot is for sale and you can get it for $9.99

Das Can-in-Stein

Das Can-in-Stein best father day gift ideas 2016 beer gadgetYou dad can celebrate each day like it’s Oktoberfest This Thinkgeek product actually started as an April fool’s joke.

Geeky and Funny Dad T-shirts

Geeky and Funny Dad T-shirts for fathers dayOn 80stees you can find great T-shirt to give your dad, all shirts are super funny and if your dad can appreciate a good sense of humor perhaps a funny shirt can be a great gift for him

World of Warcraft RobeWorld of Warcraft Robe fathers day gift idea

If your dad is a total  W.O.W nerd and you have the budget for it, one of these aswesome robes can be a fantastic gift idea. You can choose from avatar Regalia (Priest) or Judgement Armor (Paladin). You can get it on ThinkGeek.


Star Wars Darth Vader Camera Bag

Star Wars Camera Bag photographer dad father day gift idea 2016

Availble on ThinkGeek for $49.99

Leather Executive Bag of Holding

Leather Executive Bag of Holding father day geek gift ideas 2016
You can get this bag on ThinkGeek


Combine two of your dad’s  great loves, toys & tech. A drone can be a great gift. You have a wide selection of drones to choose from, operateso you can definitely pick the one to fit your budget.

11 Amazing Drones for Indoors & Outdoors Flight

best drones for fathers day 2016 gifr ideas

11 Awesome Mini Drones You Were Looking For

best cheap mini drones for fathers day 2016 gift ideas


Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you dad is 50, 60 or even 80, deep down inside there’s a little boy that just wants to go out and play.

 Remote Control Boat for Outdoor Adventure

toys for dad 2016 Remote Control Boat for Pools Lakes and Outdoor AdventureI don’t think that it truly matters if your dad is even into boats. When it cooperating things on batteries with a remote control I guess that every dad will play along. You can get the boat on Amazon.

Cards Against Humanity

fathers day gift ideas 2016 Cards Against Humanity

This must be one of the most popular party games in the last few years. If your dad is all about having a good time with some good friends, and he doesn’t have this game already, well, you stroke gold. You can get it here.

LEGO Architecture White House

best logo for adultes father day gift idea LEGO Architecture White HouseLEGO is one great game to give your dad for fathers day, also this one is a great gift that the two of you can enjoy together for some father son or daughter time. You can get it here on Amazon.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens best dad gift ideas 2016If you are not familiar with this card game lets us quote what’s written on the box “card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats”. Get it here.

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