Star Wars Characters as Fruits & Vegetables

Still, after all these years, people manage to come up with ways to give an original and creative interpretation to the Star Wars saga after we’ve thought we’ve seen everything. This time, it’s some of the main characters in their fruit and vegetable selves.

Banana Chewbacca

Chewbacca Banana

Nothing scares off Imperial fighters like seeing a banana with a nose, mouth and combat belt strapped on it. And the sound it makes… terrible.

Princess Leia Skywalker Pear

Leia Pear

Belive me when I tell you this – there is no shape more insulting to compare a women’s body to than a pear. And still, Princess Leia manages to work it out. Maybe I have a problem, now that I think of it.

Luke Skywalker Leek

Luke Leek

Is this really the best thing for Luke? Probably, thanks to the white base all leeks are so proud of having.

Yoda as a Potato

Potato Yoda

Yoda is so awesome, he doesn’t need eyes. A potato can’t see s&^& as well, so I guess the comparison works.

These awesome creations were made by Nela Krzewniak, a Polish artist living in the Netherlands. For more awesome Star Wars fan art, here are 14 brilliant Star Wars shirts.