Star Wars Wedding Cake Tells a Couple’s Story

What is surprising is that a lot of newly-weds have begun to try and commission wedding cakes that reflect what they love the most in their loves.

For instance, this couple who seems to be Star Wars fans has gone ahead and got a cake that tells the story of how the met in an alter space and that too in a galaxy far away. However, this love story that is peppered with fantastic elements is also rooted in reality as the icing on the cake reads that the couple is trying to forge their relationship ahead in spite of their differences.

One is a shy projectionist and the other is an outgoing Irish dancer. They claim to have decided to begin a new epic journey through their marriage. It is of course nice to see when youngsters begin their journeys ahead together and hope for a life of happiness and luck. The Star Wars Opening Crawl cake was baked by Charm City Cakes and is one of the less glamorous looking cakes that I have come across.

Of course, the idea behind the cake is what matters the most but then it could have been at least given a little color in the form of different icing. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Wampa Star Wars Cake and the Millennium Falcon Star Wars Cake that we had featured earlier.