Surreal Tattoo: Unicorn Fetus in Jelly Mold

Unicorns are certainly some of the most magnificent creatures that we have come across in fiction and they will continue to be so.

This tattoo immortalizes the idea of a unicorn being a fetus in a jelly mold, no matter how surreal that might seem. In fact, the tattoo seems to be symbolic of many things that is best left to your own interpretation. For instance, it might seem to suggest that myths and fantasies are what make our lives worth living, by adding a bit of sweetness to an otherwise bitter sojourn. It is almost like incubating a dream that is so sweet that it will never come true.

Almost all of us nurture such sweet dreams that will only exist in a space confined by mind and emotions but will never be a part of the physical world that we exist in. Probably, this tattoo is a metaphor for those unrealized but sweet dreams which continue to make us smile even when they were never ever realized, much like this embryonic unicorn that will never be born.

Noelle LaMonica of Divine Machine Tattoo in Buffalo NY created this tattoo and must be one of the most creative artists that we have come across. If you want something dreamy and tangible, try the Unicorn Cake. Canned Unicorn Meat is not sweet but certainly adds flesh to those dreams.