Typing with the Steam Controller

With the Steam Controller, Valve seeks to replace keyboards and mice entirely when playing. This image depicts the way it could be used for typing. After all, you will still need to type game, movie and song titles, the names of your Steam friends and the messages you send to them. Speaking of messages, the chat and the forums are important parts that hold the community together, so a way of typing fast needed to be found. The only problem with Steam's controller is that it is not wireless. Or at least the prototype that developers received wasn't. Other than that, it's quite clear that Valve and Steam are synonyms to innovation and revolution when it comes to gaming. We're looking forward to see how the OS, Machines and Controller will look like. Feel free to address any questions in the Comments section below.
Keyboard + Mouse + Gamepad = Steam Controller
Steam Machines: The Hardware for Valve’s OS

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