Steampunk Brain Mouse Gizmo: Creepy and Cool

This is one of the weirdest looking and best crafted DIY devices of its kind. And you’ll be surprised what kind of device it is.

That little brain encased in a small glass jar is actually a computer mouse. It would be definitely very hard to think of any design that is less comfortable and ergonomic, but its designer might actually not care for those aspects. And that’s probably about all steampunk gadgets, they’re not supposed to be practical. The only thing they do is to impress.

The fans of films like The City Of Lost Children or Van Helsing will be buoyant, though they must ask its creator to build more, if they desire to have their own combination of computer mouse and a brain in the jar (which is a must for every wicked steampunk scientist!). The device was created by Peter Balch from Scotland. He used parts of some sort of cheap optical mouse, pieces of wood, a wheel from a lighter along with a brass coin (yes, that’s the scrolling wheel), a dome-shaped glass jar from a Victorian gas mantle and parts from a fake oil lamp, to name just some materials for the mouse.

And the most important – the brain! Despite the first impression, it is not a real animal brain. Actually it is made of Fimo polymer clay wrapped around an egg-shaped piece of wood. As you can see, pieces of steampunk can be found anywhere! Balch also used a color changing LED, which adds some Victorian scientific impression to the mouse.

If you’re interested in having such a mouse, Peter Balch gladly accepts orders for mouses like this one (no price mentioned), though on his website he thoroughly explains in several steps how to make one on your own.

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Via: Peter Balch / Neatorama