Because You’ve Always Wanted a Machete Slingshot

If you were to make a list of the most badass weapons out there, the crossbow and the machete would certainly be near the top of the list. By combining the two, you’re creating something astoundingly unsafe, destructive, and awesome. The creator of this machete slingshot knows this, having crafted a unique weapon that’s sure to end in horror.

Machete Slingshot Crossbow

At first glance, this really does look to be a mash-up between a crossbow and a machete, but when you look closer you’ll see a distinct difference. A machete isn’t quite as streamlined as a crossbow bolt, so rather than having the mechanism shove it forward from behind, the machete has a hook near the front. Using a mechanism more slingshot than crossbow, a strong rubber band grips this hook and sends the bladed weapon flying forward (hopefully) to its target. The designer goes over the specifics, showing how the machete rests behind a block when pulled back, keeping it in place.

The trigger then pushes the machete up over the block to allow it to fling forward. Furthermore, the length of the unwieldy weapon is necessary in order to give something as heavy as a machete enough power to do significant damage.

In a war or zombie survival scenario, this might not be the most practical weapon. The plus side is that it’s less noisy than a gun and that it does pretty serious damage if it strikes its target. The downside is that it looks about as dangerous as an old-school black powder gun. One can easily imagine the machete flinging back around to hit its user in the face or elsewhere. It doesn’t really matter where it hits you, because it’s a machete.

These are the risks you take if you want to look like a true badass, though. Someone carrying one of these around, along with a couple dozen machetes as extra ammo, pretty much demands instant respect. If you’d like to have your own less lethal weapon, consider a Marshmallow Gun and Crossbow or any of these 16 LEGO Weapons.

Via: Dvice