Steampunk Lightsaber

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, probably it’s always been a big deal watching those amazing lightsaber duel scenes. One of these Star Wars fans decided to do what many other designers have been doing, and created a Steampunk Mod of something from their favorite past time. In this case, the artist went and redesigned the lightsaber.


The lightsaber, designed by akdksvr in true Steampunk fashion, looks really cool. It’s set with the old fashioned wood/metal mixed finishes, and this particular model comes with the blue force crystal.


It’s about the length of Obi-Wan’s lightsaber, from first glance, and is designed really well. Along the lower half is just a handle, which contains some parts, but is really where the grip of the saber is located. The wood rings are pretty good, and the section is given the kind of ‘wear from use’ that you’d expect. If you actually look closely, the wood is wrapped in leather.


The switch is a series of knobs/ gears which is, again, a typical motif for steampunk art. The lower part of the base is mostly weight, to give the lightsaber a heftier feel to it, and right above the weights is what appears to be a light source. If this is the case, it gives the lightsaber a kind of functionality which makes it so much more worth having.


Directly above that is the crystal casing. Inside, you can see that the designer has placed a blue crystal, and if there is actually a functionality to it, then the light produced will be blue. The mechanics inside also resemble steampunk, and the design for the saber overall is just very original.


The detail behind the design is done very well, and the accuracy (in terms of the steampunk age) is very cool too.


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