Steampunk Darth Vader: Who Needs Space When You Have Europe?

What if lightsabers were powered by steam? What if the Millennial Falcon was a biplane? What if the Death Star was the Death Zeppelin? We say that’d be Awesome. And the guys at B Campbell Studio must have thought the same, too, when they designed this 1800 style mask for the most powerful Force wielder in the galaxy, the Sith Lord Darth Vader himself.


Lord Vader looks like he could even breath steam through this helmet. The idea the author had was to make this look as if it was found many years after it was originally used, so he added details like corrosion while scuffing the surface with sand paper and steel wool. Another cool retro detail is how he replaced the eyes with copper wires, reminiscent of old diving suits that included huge helmets.


And just to go along with the theme, they also made a video of the artifact being found. We can’t help but wonder if it was along the remains of the Death Zeppelin, and yes, we’re totally aware of the fact that that sounds like a kickass death metal tribute to Led Zeppelin. In any case, check the video below to get in the mood for some archeology.

We’ve seen steampunk tributes to Star Wars before (see Sensory Overload: Steampunk Star Wars and Steampunk Star Wars Figurines), but this is the first time we see something that a human could actually wear… even if it’s a bit uncomfortable (hey, it’s not like we’ve tried it!). If you liked this, you should check B Campbell studio’s website to see more of their projects.