Steampunk Grand iPhone Victrola Plays Some Music For You

Looking for a new iPhone speaker that is a big more original than all the others out there? Checkout this steampunk iPhone Victrola.

New York City based artist Will Rockwell greatly enjoying creating new items that are very steampunk inspired and selling them at his Etsy store. This Grand iPhone Victrola is no exception. If you have $1,200, love steampunk, and want a fun way to play music that has everyone talking, this is something for you.

This Grand iPhone Victrola is made using an antique brass gramophone bell. This is actually a passive device, you just stick your iPhone in the slot and it will magnify the sound by 12db. It is extremely sturdy, being made with copper and brass parts. The device is 24 inches high x 22 inches long and sports a 17 inch (diameter) bell.

I keep picturing a cartoon image of the cat looking inside the bell and then the master using his iPhone to turn it on and the cat jumping up in the air, hair on ends, with a huge EEK!!! face. Anyone else….?

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