8-Bit Super Mario Mushroom PC Case Mod

This Super Mario Bros Mushroom PC case mod is one awesome hand-made piece. 8bit Mushroon mod case  plus PC setup +windows installation and driver setup.

The themed Super Mario case mod PC is available by custom order and takes one month to completion, but be careful – it retails for $1,600.00! It is an 8-bit Mushroom from Super Mario Bros case-mod and the price includes PC setup, Windows installation and driver setup. 8BitBuilder will finalize the details with you about which kind of PC you want, but if you prefer just to buy the case alone, there’s also that possibility.

8BitBuilder is willing to give a try in creating new designs just message them and maybe it will work out. For more awesome case mods checks out Top PC Computer Case Mods17 Geeky Computer Mice Mods and The Legend of Zelda NES Case Mod.