Steampunk iPod Case Takes You Back to the Victorian Age

iPod may be one of the most chic gadgets ever manufactured, but that should never stop a Steampunk fanatic to go ahead and get a vintage and Victorian case mod!

Instructables user Brass Eyes must be a real Steampunk fanatic for he took the trouble of fitting the iPod in a walnut card case. He not only did so, but also embellished the case with enough Victorian and Industrial age accessories that you might find hard to believe that it is an iPod. He visited a model railway store to pick up brass brackets and with the help of basic hand tools, Dremel and an electric drill, he created what could be one of the most vintage-looking iPod cases ever.

The rich walnut wood case makes it look like an antique found in one of the kiosks of a pretty English seaside resort. If H. G. Wells or Jules Verne were to see this amazing Steampunk iPod, they sure would have been grooving to great music, and writing less of the awesome stuff they wrote way back in the last century!

Steampunk has always been associated with the Industrial age, and a changing world that questioned existing ideas about science, philosophy and of course, of human existence as well. Steampunk genre is much more than just gadgets being recreated in brass and walnut wood, and the movement seeks to signify the gradual automation of human life, and our own dependence on technology.

While wood and brass are almost outdated when it comes to manufacturing gadgets, recreating them in these materials only seeks to take us on a futuristic journey while holding us tied to the past. You could take a look at these amazing Steampunk Guns that almost take one’s breath away. If you would rather stick to music, here is another Steampunk iPod Design.

Via: Unplggd