MLG Vault Case Spices up your Xbox 360

If you’re reluctant to modify the look of your Xbox due to the warranty, here’s a way to make it look sick while keeping the warranty in check.

Consoles don’t come in a variety of colors. As much as I’d love to have said otherwise, PS3s are mostly in black. (I’ve heard of the elusive white one.) Xbox 360s are mostly in black and gray. And until now, there has been hardly any easy method to change all that.

MLG Vault Case Overview

Calibur11 has recently created a case that can simply be attached over your Xbox 360, which means that it doesn’t require removal of any pieces and will not void your warranty in any way.

This case is no sucker case. It’s a pretty durable-looking, detailed, creative and three-dimensional portrait of a masked trooper. The effect definitely is quite powerful, as it sticks out from your console. The only reason I can see this having any practical use is either for a conversation piece when people come over, for personal enjoyment (if you’re into that sort of thing), or for LAN parties. I’m sure that this will probably boost your LAN street cred, just make sure no one else has one before you go! ūüėõ

MLG Vault Case Hook

The case also has a hook on the side where a gamer can latch his/her set of headphones onto. Although that can be useful in a limited number of situations, I don’t really know if I’d prefer the hook to be there in general. Perhaps it would be an improvement if the hook was removable or detachable, for aesthetics sake.

Apparently, this case also improves airflow. I had my own concerns given how it’s wrapping an entire other layer over the console, but I’ll take Engadget and Calibur11s word for it. Plus it’s backed by MLG, which definitely says something.

MLG Vault Case Mask

At $59.95 USD for a base version without the mask, and $89.95 USD for the version with, I’d rather spend the extra $30 and go with the mask. It makes the case stand out by such a larger margin, and without the mask the case would be just another camo covering.

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Via: Technabob