16 Stunning Steampunk Keyboard Designs

Together with clocks and electric guitars, computer keyboards are one of the most popular steampunk-ed objects. There are many reasons to explain for its popularity among steampunk enthusiasts: its resemblance to the typewriter of the Victorian era, its structure that makes it easier for modding, or its importance in our everyday life. There are many steampunk keyboard designs, and here are 16 best of them.

Marquis Steampunk Keyboard Mod


Inspired by a chaise-lounge, “The Marquis keyboard” takes pride in its shining appearance which seems to be a mixture of copper and some gold polishing. From its color to its pattern, every detail of this design is a manifestation of art and royalty.

Steampunk Ergonomic Computer Keyboard


Created by Datamancer from an IBM M15 Ergonomic keyboard, this Steampunk keyboard is completed with LEDs and elegant leaf like design on the sides. With an integrated touchpad between two key sides, this keyboard if perfect for your home office.

German Steampunk Keyboard


Via: Steamtux

Flickr user Steamtux took an IBM Model M keyboard, framed it in a frame made of brass, black felt, wood and turned it into an awesome steampunk keyboard.

The Industrial Keyboard


Via: Datamancer

Called The Industrial, this steampunk keyboard has more of a grimy, dirty, industrial theme which increases its authenticity. The Industrial keyboard features hex-nut keys with a spider gear assembly for feet, and a dirty braided steel cord.

Miss Betsy’s Steampunk Keyboard


Via: Instructables

This beautiful steampunk keyboard is a proof that nobody is immune from the steampunk fever, even girls. Miss Betsy’s steampunk keyboard is different from other keyboards because of the girly touch that comes from the red panel and the installation of an USB illumination.

Antediluvian Keyboard


Via: Gizmo Watch

The Antediluvian Keyboard from modder Paradox is a 1986 Model M clicky IBM keyboard pimped with horns and feet. Individual spring for each key helps create loud and real retro typing sounds.

Wooden Steampunk Keyboard


Via: Gizmo Watch

Markus’ amazing keyboard is different from other steampunk keyboards not because of its mossy wooden case, but because it’s made out of old furniture spare parts about 80 years old. Soldered with three analog displays, the keyboard has labels printed to give it a more typewriter key type look.

Steampunk Dell Keyboard


Via: Gentleman Tinker

Seeing too many steampunk keyboards around, Victor Ian decided to make one for himself. He took ‘ex-Royal’ typewriter keys, re-made them to include all the standard characters on a modern keyboard and incorporated them into his Dell slimline keyboard to create one of the most beautiful steampunk keyboards you’ve ever seen.

Type-O-Matic Keyboard


Via: Steampunk Workshop

Kevin made his own style steampunk keyboard re-spun from a project on The Steampunk Workshop. Playfully called Type-O-Matic, the keyboard still looks cool and steampunkish even though itwas made without a great deal of metalwork.

Chrystal Deluxe Steampunk Keyboard


Via: Body Pixel

Croatia has rarely been known for cool stuff other than the tie that they invented, until Ivan Mavrovic emerged from the steampunk scene with his ultra geeky steampunk collections. Christened Chrystal Deluxe, the keyboard is all about elegance and luxury.

Wooden Steampunk Keyboard


Via: Instructables

Instructables user Phirzcol posted a detailed instruction how to make this steampunk keyboard which features a wooden frame with hand made brass keys.

Aviator Keyboard


Via: Geek.com

With the brushed aluminum frame, black felt face plate, and blue jewel LED lights, the Aviator keyboard looks solid and powerful enough to sit proudly in any airship, given that an airship owner is willing to pay a whooping $1200 for this keyboard.

Affordable DIY Steampunk Keyboard


Via: Instructables

For those who have a thing for steampunk yet don’t own an airship, this DIY steampunk keyboard is an affordable choice. HighWing found a way to make a steampunk looking keyboard for under $50 that an average person can easily follow.

Steampunk Keyboard


Via: Douglas442

To complete his staempunk console project, Douglas442 made a steampunk keyboard out of old-fashioned Gilbert “Erector-Set” pieces. It uses one set of micro lever-switches to convert the movement of the vintage “Victor” typewriter-keys into PC keyboard matrix signals.

Sojourner Keyboard


Via: Datamancer

Datamancer is a name that has long been associated with high profile steampunk keyboards, and their Sojourner keyboard lives up to its reputation. The slightly weathered keys are electroplated in brass and are quite striking against the aged leather faceplate and parchment key inserts.

Emperor Keyboard


Via: Datamancer

Another steampunk masterpiece from Datamancer, the Emperor keyboard features keys in a Chinese  “Cangjie” layout. As king of keyboards, the Emperor’s polished brass sides are engraved with a Dragon and Phoenix.