Mario’s Mushrooms Get More Power-Ups

Tired of just growing larger?  Does your regular Super Mushroom lack the versatility to assist with life’s many challenges?  MyBurningEyes over at Deviant Art may have the solution for you.  Feast your eyes on these multiple mushrooms and find the specific fungus for your occasion.

MyBurningEyes has made these fantastic new Super Mushrooms to help Mario on his endlessly-reoccurring quest to save Princess Peach from the evil King Bowser.  But what strange new abilities do these new mushrooms hold?

super mushrooms

One can only speculate that the Panda Shroom transforms Mario into the endangered species, while the Cloud Shroom assists him in those precarious sky levels.  You could suppose that the simple Orange Shroom, well, gives Mario an orange to eat.

The series of four pieces features 119 different mushrooms for Mario to collect (and the basic, red with white polk-dots normal mushroom).  These mushrooms have expanded beyond the realms of the Mushroom Kingdom and include characters from other video game, movie, and television franchises.  Can you find the Samus Shroom, Dexter Shroom, or Superman Shroom?  How about the evil Darth Shroom? The green 1-up mushroom, however, appears to be missing.

power up mushrooms

Mushrooms have been a staple in the Mario series since the original Super Mario Bros where they have aided Mario in many different ways.  For example, in Paper Mario, a Mario-themed RPG style game, a mushroom acts like a healing item.  While in the Mario Kart series, a regular mushroom will give your cart a speed boost.  There is even a very rare “Invincishroom” made in Little Fungitown in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.  However, this mushroom gave Mario Bean Fever when he consumed it, forcing Luigi to travel the Guffawha Ruins alone to find the cure.

If you want to see some more Mario mushroom magic, check out this 1-Up Mushroom artwork made from broken light bulbs,  or this mushroom in a Bento.