Run Away from Zombies in Your Area With StreetView

Is that a zombie on your rooftop or are you just happy to see me? Zombie fans are one of the geek groups to please. It’s not enough to hear some moaning, see some undead type makeup, and a shaky cam. They want real horror, to see how the character try to survive before (inevitably) having a horrible death. And, like based on Freud’s writing, the guys at WONDER-TONIC realized that few things can be as scary as those we’re familiar with.

Streetview Zombie Apocalypse

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to face zombies fully armed like in Resident Evil, facing your darkest and deepest inner fears like in Silent Hill, on a big scale like Max Brooks wrote in World War Z, or sitting in your living room watching the classic Romero movies. The guys at WONDER-TONIC offer you something absolutely original, new, and ideal for killing time in the office while the boss is not looking your way.

You only need Google Chrome, although Safari works well sometimes. After clicking the game, you’ll get to a web where you’ll be asked to insert a location, and then, thanks to Streetview and Google Maps’ magic, you’ll be walking around the streets of your city o choice while many zombies(represented in the map as moving landmarks, but exquisitely designed in cartoony fashion by Tyler Clapp in first person view) will try to have your brains for breakfast. There are no weapons, nor ways to fight back; in real life there are no shotguns laying around in the street in case there’s a zombie apocalypse, so, just surviving a couple minutes in an accomplishment in itself.

Don’t get frustrated if the website doesn’t work right away, remember that the engine is based on StreetView and Google Maps, so, if your area is not covered, you won’t be able to play. Some recommendations we can make if this is your case, though, is playing big cities and capitals of the world like Berlin, Tokyo, Madrid, Rome, Los Angeles or New York.

From here, everyone at Walyou wishes you luck. We’ll stay in our offices, awaiting the end. Go on without us, we’re to scared to even move, and we’d only bother you. Tell our story. Survive. Do it for each one of us.

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