Steve Jobs Tribute Made with Apples

It has been three weeks since Apple’s co-founder passed away. Since that day, tributes in one form or another started pouring. What is more suitable for a Steve Jobs portrait than the very symbol of the company he lead?

The portrait represents in fact a competitor’s entry to a land art contest that took place in Quebec, Canada between October 12-16. The competition involved 10 artists from all over North America that showcased their concepts, real proofs of creativity.

Even though artist Olivier Lefebvre had initially submitted another concept for the competition, the organizers permitted the change, fact that they certainly do not regret now, since the apple portrait will become popular all around the world. This should also contribute to the publicity of the competition.

At a first glance, it may seem that this tribute is edible. However, Olivier Lefebvre mentioned that several crates of deer apples were used for this portrait. That particular kind of apples is not edible by humans. In what concerns the numbers, the 22’x15′ tribute involved 3,500 apples and 40 to 50 hours of work. The cover of the Time magazine was used as source of inspiration, as it is rather hard to create such a work of art from memory. It would also have been difficult to make the portrait with the frame as the only reference point, so the artist relied on 2′ by 2′ grids.

After being completed, the work of art was photographed and the apples were left on the ground, with the future purpose of feeding the three deers that lived in the orchard.  This competition entry certainly stood apart, considering the amount of work and the creativity that it involved.

One a side note, Steve Jobs’ authorized biography was launched earlier this week. The book, which is available on Amazon, where it already already reached bestseller status, presents Apple’s co-founder as a man, and hence, as someone who is flawed. This should bring balance to the fact that some people started considering Steve Jobs some kind of technology demigod.

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