Steve Jobs Mural Made From Post-It Notes

Some people in Munich, Germany decided to honor Steve Jobs’ memory in a low-tech way: they made a mural of the co-founder out of Post-It notes.

A five-person team used 4,001 Post-It notes on the outside window of the Munich Apple store, taking about 6 hours to complete. The mural uses only three colors: yellow, green and blue. The team used only one A4-sized portrait of Jobs as a guide for the mural.

Steve Jobs Post-Its Mural

Here’s a time-lapse video of the mural’s construction:

The result is impressive. They’ve essentially used the Post-It notes as pixels to build a mural that looks almost exactly like the striking black-and-white photo of him looking intensely thoughtful that graced Apple’s website after the announcement of his death. It’s about six meters (or 20 feet for Americans not hip to the metric system) high.

Steve Jobs Post-Its Mural 2

It’s a touching tribute, though one wonders what Steve Jobs, by all accounts a child of the ’60s, would have thought of the psychedelic colors of the Post-Its used, compared with the minimalism he favored in Apple products. Perhaps he would have preferred black-and-white Post-Its instead.

Tributes to Steve Jobs still seem to be coming in from everywhere, a testament to how much his vision helped shape the modern tech world. Since it’s only been two weeks since his death, we may still be in the “never speak ill of the dead phase,” Richard Stallman notwithstanding. Whatever your feelings on Steve Jobs, Apple and  the effect, good or bad, it’s had on technology, you have to admit this is a pretty clever use of existing materials (the Post-It notes).

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