STICKO, The Ultimate Sticky Phone Mount Is Here

We’re all dependent on our smartphones, nowadays, but finding a solution so they will stay visible and safe in places like cars can be quite hard. Luckily, STICKO will soon be among us.


Most phone mounts are more trouble than they’re worth. They tend to be big, bulky, and cumbersome, while at the same time lack design and are not very portable. STICKO is a new idea (already funded in Kickstarter, but with a few days to go still!) that aims to fix all this, while giving you a place to always be able to mount your phone.

STICKO can go with its users anywhere they go, but it’s also incredibly easy to both stick and unstick while feeling safe at the same time, providing both portability and safety, the two things you should prioritize when trying to find a mount. Also? It looks quite great, if we may say so. Learn more about it in the video below these lines.

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