Terrific Wooden Stormtrooper Head Lawn Chair

Sometimes the best way to relax is to spend time on a lounge chair that is placed strategically in your garden, so that you can soak in the sun.

However, if you are a geek and loved Star Wars a lot, you might want something that is inspired by George Lucas’ epic. This Stormtrooper Head Lawn Chair is a cool way to know that you are sitting on a piece of furniture that is totally out of this world.

In fact, if your neighbor is a Star Wars fan, they might even hatch plans to steal your chair when you go inside. The chair is made of wood and looks really cool, but a cushion or two might help in easing off those pains that one gets when sitting on a hard surface. You could go ahead and buy these Nintendo Gameboy Cushions in order to make your Stormtrooper chair a little comfortable.

If you are too lazy to even get up and do things on your own, this Remote Control Cushion can also be something that you would want to purchase. At the end of the day, it would be immensely cool to get this chair before your neighbor does. If you can’t manage to purchase the exact replica, get a friendly carpenter to build it for you.