Kickass Alien Lamps and Furniture

There is nothing better than being able to decorate one’s house with artifacts that reveal different nuances of our personalities.

In fact, accessories and interior decor should be an extension of our personalities so that we are constantly reminded of things that we love and admire. If you are into geek culture and love certain science fiction series and video games, your home decor must reflect that and it only makes sense to purchase products that are specifically designed to suit your tastes.

Evil Robot Designs produce lamps, wall papers ad furniture that is inspired by pop and geek culture elements. However, they build their products with a touch of class and luxury so that they can be kept even in the most luxurious of houses and mansions.

Thus, if you were worried geeky furniture would ruin the ostentatious interiors of your million-dollar home, these artifacts may in fact enhance that decadence. What impressed us the most were these Alien lamps that are totally out of this world. They are made from lacquer and can look glossy and glamorous in spite of being very geeky.

These are the sort of products that most people crave for and if you are an Alien fan, you will certainly love this. The lamps consist of sculptures that are meticulous and impeccably detailed. There is no way one could say that these are products designed for geeks and they almost look like art pieces at a high street museum.

The company also manufactures products inspired by Fantastic Four, Green Goblin, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, transformers and others. You could also go ahead and take a look at the USB Mario Mushroom Lamp that we had featured. The Laptop Lamp is yet another ode to geek culture. What could be better than decorating our houses with products that we love the most?