Colorful but Expensive Tetris Shaped Pillows

There is nothing better than being able to rest on a comfy pillow while lying on the couch. It is even better if that pillow is inspired by a geeky theme, for instance Tetris in this case.

StarGallery at Etsy sells Tetris shaped pillows which look pretty rad. The only hitch is, you have to buy them as an entire set and is priced insanely at $280. It is not clear if there are such raving mad Tetris fans around but there is a possibility that some people might just go ahead and get these pillows in order to brag in front of their friends.

If you can’t afford to purchase this Tetris Pillow Set, you might as well invest in a sewing and stitching class, and stitch your own set of pillows. That would not only be economical but will also be a great way to make sure that you can sew and stitch pillows or whatever you want to, in the geekiest manner possible and over charge them and get rich overnight. Just saying.

If you would like to spend the time in a less demanding manner, you could take a look at the Tetris Movie and grab some popcorn while doing so. If you like hurting yourself, choose between the 13 Tetris Tattoos we had featured sometime ago.