21 Stylish Headphones to Put on Your Wishlist

For people who cherish their time listening to music, a good headphone is something that they can’t go without. Be it for the unique looks or for the extremely smooth listening experience, these are the most creative headphone designs out there right now.

Ferrari Cavallino T350 Audio Headphones

creative Headphone design and concept 21

While Ferrari are mostly known for their cars and Formula One team, there are some really great headphones that carry their famous logo on the side. And whatta you know? Not everything they put out is red, with the T350 colors and looks being exceptional, as a Ferrari and in general, giving it a old-timey feel and look. Get it for  $340.

99 Classics – Quality Wood Headphones

creative Headphone design and concept 20

The 99 classics headphones are anything but generic, crafted uniquely to give them special looks and a very special sound with each wooden ear-cup of the 99 Classics is precision carved on a CNC machine and then hand finished and polished. The best way to describe them? One of a kind.

Skullcandy Knockout w/Mic 3 Headphones

creative Headphone design and concept 19

The floral look of the Navigator (sibling to the Aviator) is just one of the cool things about these headphones, coming with a Mic3, which you can use to either chat up someone while hearing them perfectly or simply change your music to something more fitting. One of the better combinations of looks and sound quality out there.

Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones (White Grey)

creative Headphone design and concept 18

Coming with a variety of 11 color combinations (this is the white/grey), the Monster DNA headphones combine the futuristic look with advanced noise-isolating design, really comfortable ear cushions and a dual audio input to help you share with someone the music you’re listening to. Get it for $92.46.

Monster Diamond Tears Edge On-Ear Headphones (Crystal)

creative Headphone design and concept 17 A more flashy version of the Monster headphones, which includes ControlTalk Universal Cable and Apple ControlTalk Cable, for calls through your headphones, and as the kicker you get a touring case providing stylish protection for your headphones. Available for $145.

Hunter Green Professional Headphones – LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION

creative Headphone design and concept 16

Great accessories that come with it (Custom fitted storage case & FiiO E6 Fujiyama Portable Headphone Amplifier) but despite not having a design that’s too flashy or extravagant, there’s something beautiful about this set with the green and black working well together, to complement the awesome sound they help bring to your ears. Available for $179.

‘Troubadours’ Zebrawood Headphones

creative Headphone design and concept 15

A beautiful combination of zebrawood and metal. They’re individually handcrafted from reclaimed manufacturing remnants which means no two pairs are alike, as each set of headphones is superior in performance, stylish in appearance and friendly to the environment. Get it for $150.

with Benefits ‘Taylor’ Headphones

creative Headphone design and concept 14

 Comes in two separate colors, this one is about opulent accessorizing wrapped in leather. There’s a perfect natural sound coming from the 40mm driver all the while the memory-foam ear cushions keep things comfortable and pleasant while listening to hours of music, or just talking to someone on your phone.Get it for $199.99.

Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Built-In Microphone

creative Headphone design and concept 13

The NeoJDX have a robotic (in a cool way) look to them by the way you can fold the whole thing to save some space while carrying, but who wants to fold them when they make you look so cool, which remind us of Arcee from Transformers. Get it for $49.99

Bluedio R+ Legend Version Bluetooth Headphones

creative Headphone design and concept 11

Perfect for the strong, deep bass sensation due to the Bluedio patented PPS8 technology. It comes in three colors (Legend silver, legend blue, legend titanium), can provide up to 25 hours of continuous music time on a full charge. It also supports Micro SD card playback of WAV,FLAC,AAC,MP3 and WMA audio formats. Get it for $112.79.

Beats Solo2 Wired On-Ear Headphones – Gray

creative Headphone design and concept 10

A whole other level of sound experience and slickness of looks, the Beats Solo2 delivers a special kind of clarity to its audio, very close to what the artist intended the listener to hear, probably. It’s as comfortable as you’ve ever experienced when putting on a set of headphones thanks to the ergonomically angled to complete this natural fit, with pivots for optimal comfort and sound delivery. Get it for $140.04.

Bluedio H+(Turbine) Bluetooth stereo headphonecreative Headphone design and concept 12

Besides the awesome bass Bluedio are known for, it comes with ultra-long operation and carefree calling from Bluetooth 4.1. There’s also audio sharing, which allows you to connect to another H+ headphone via audio cable, sharing music with your friends. Available for $35.99


creative Headphone design and concept 7

The adjustable headset and the sharp color configuration make the Flips Audio headphones an awesome thing to have, as you can turn them into a head-on boom box by flipping the cups, turning the solo experience into a social one. Get it for $99.99.

24K Over-Ear Headphones by M

creative Headphone design and concept

Monster suggest these headphones get you as close to the sound as possible–unmatched in clarity and depth, and one cool thing that comes with it besides the exclusive, expensive design and great audio is the ControlTalk Universal, allowing you to switch between songs and incoming calls. An in-line mic features controls for Android, tablets and other devices. Available for $299.95.

Axent Wear’s Glow-in-the-Dark Headphones

creative Headphone design and concept 1

If you’re looking for style that comes with a certain geeky motif, these cat-ear headphones that also light up in the dark and make a perfect companion for parties or nighttime strolls in really dark places are the one for you.

Layla Rose Gold

creative Headphone design and concept 2This design, inspired by jewlery, is made with genuine leather, handcrafted metal, and features rose gold detailing, making for a perfect combination of fashion and function due to the memory foam ear cushions angled to comfortably be worn with earrings and collapsible design allows headphones to fit in a clutch. Get it for $289.99.

Philips  CitiScape Uptown Headphones

creative Headphone design and concept 4The leathery, 60’s kind of look comes with a finely tuned 40mm drivers deliver clear and natural sound and a MusicSeal keeps your music in and all to yourself, while looking more stylish than anyone else in the vicinity. Get it for $154

Denon AH-MM400

creative Headphone design and concept 5

A look that combines old with new, but they’re great beyond the looks as well. They have a flat EQ and deliver a natural tone balance which remains quite faithful to the original musical performance. Available for $399

Samsung Level Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphone 

creative Headphone design and concept 6

One of the more advanced headphones on this list, coming with Smart Touch, button-free controls; S-Voice and smart commands, Ear Care notification to prevent hearing loss and 5 hours of talk/listening time while working with a Samsung Level app. Get it for $260.35

BeoPlay H6 Headphones

creative Headphone design and concept 8

A leather and aluminum masterpiece which makes it pretty to watch and very comfortable to wear, with lambskin on your ears and cow leather in the head band. The sound on these is absolutely terrific with focus on a clear midrange with a balanced bass and treble performance. Available for $332.98

Aivvy Q — The World’s First IoT Smart Headphones

creative Headphone design and concept 9

An interesting concept which is latching on to the streaming idea and the whole thing of someone else choosing your music for you based on taste and preferences. The music starts the moment you put the headphones on, while you’re able to tap, swipe and rotate to control your music playback. Through these actions, the Aivvy Q learns more about your musical taste and it also remembers where and when you took these actions.

Get it for $299.00

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