Wearhaus Arc Proves that Headphones Are No Longer Individual

Wearing headphones is not as much about isolating yourself from the crowd, as it is about creating an intimacy bubble around you. And who says there’s only room for one in that bubble?

Wearhaus Arc are wireless headphones that enable you to share what you’re listening to with others, without having to produce public disturbance. Social music listening is not exactly a new thing, but until now this was mainly achieved using splitters for wired headphones. The way Wearhaus Arc achieves this is different, and it becomes even more apparent when multiple such headphones placed in a room get paired in several groups.

Do you think your friends should listen to this new band you’ve recently discovered? One way to do it is to hand them over your headphones. Assuming that both you and your friend have a pair of Wearhaus Arc, you can now share your music without you stopping from listening to it. Wearhaus Inc., the developers of the Wearhaus Arc wireless headphones thought that it would be nice of using colors to let people know who is listening the same music as them. Some may think that the LED rings are a bit too flashy, but they do add a nice touch to the overall design of the headphones.

These wireless headphones are also equipped with a touch-sensitive panel on the right cup, so that users can browse through songs by sliding their finger across it in a certain direction. Playing or pausing the current song (or audiobook) is done by tapping the panel once, and turning the volume up and down can also be done using the touch surface.

The app that comes with the headphones lets users choose the color displayed by the LED ring and the other pairs of Wearhaus Arc they’re willing to share their music with. The companion app completes the product nicely, adding some much needed functionality.

Wearhaus Inc. turned to Kickstarter to raise the money necessary for mass producing their wireless headphones. The campaign was a major success, as backers pledged more than three times the $50K funding goal. Back the project with $179 in the following 3 days to get your pair of Wearhaus Arc in January 2015.

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