Scientists Say Sunscreen Could Become a Pill Within 5 Years

Researchers claim that, thanks to new breakthroughs, sunscreen could be available in pill form within the next five years.

Sea coral survives constant intense exposure to the sun thanks the to fact that it shares a relationship with algae living within it. The algae produces approximately 20 different compounds which protect the coral from the sun and the harmful effects of its UV rays and, according to sources, British researchers have currently isolated one of these compounds.

With one compound under the scope, the researchers expect to be able to use it as a stepping stone towards unravelling the otherrs, as well as eventually being able to replicate it into a single synthetic compound.

The compound that they have isolated is so powerful that fish and other sea creatures who feed off the coral absord its benefits and also become more resistant to UV rays. With this in mind, scientists hope to be able to offer the compound in pill form which would then be able to offer humans full body sun resistance.

Unfortunately, don’t go throwing away your old bottles of sunscreen just yet. The compound will begin undergoing rigourous testing over the next two years to determine how viable this possibility really is. Following that, there will be a period of toxicology tests to ensure that the human body will be able to absorb this compound without negative side effects.

If all goes well, the compound should be available in pill form five years from now, but at first limited only to people who have skin problems and vitamin D deficiencies.

Though if things do go well, there are also plans to introduce the compound to certain crops such as potatos and wheat which can only grow in temperate climates in order to make them available to grow in tropical regions.

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