Video Game Inspired Vintage Book Covers

Video games and books do not really go together do they? Well, if we are talking about instructional manuals and storybooks that are given along with video game purchases, we are talking about something else.

What I am trying to say is that vintage books with dog ears, an epitome of an era before video games and laptops, seem to have vanished into the vaults of national libraries and University vaults. Thus, Aimie-Jane Hateley has created some wonderful book covers that are inspire by video games. The vintage book cover depictions of modern video games and slightly older games like Mario and ‘Into the Whispering Wood’ reveal a sense of nostalgia towards not just the books, but also video games themselves. One needs to remember that video games, just as books once were, are sources of entertainment and sometimes information as well.

Much like the covers of pulp fiction novels of the yesteryears Aimie’s book covers reveal a sort of rugged and haughty distaste towards sleek and shine, and her book covers tend to lean towards the edgy, vintage and dusty book covers that are history now. Many of us may be part of a generation which still did see dog eared books in school libraries, but most video game playing generation today would not have access to any of those dusty books, but would instead read books on a Kindle or an iPad.

These book covers bring back the nostalgia of old dusty books in libraries, and also suggest that video games that are technologically advanced today might end up vintage and old-skool just like the dusty books of yesteryears. The artist’s site has several pictures of these amazing video games, all depicted in the form of book covers. What is surprising is that the ar5tist makes the book covers look almost believable! You could also read about Kindle Cloud Reader and the Dot Mona Lisa Art, about which we had written sometime back.