18 Super Cool Pieces of Super Mario Bros Gear

It goes without saying that to see how geeky you are, look at the gadgets you have. Your geeky style won’t be approved until you get yourself something that is themed after one of the greatest video games of your childhood: Super Mario Bros. These are 18 coolest Super Mario Bros gadgets we have gathered to give you some ideas of geek in style.

Super Mario Bros Furniture

Conceived by Neatoramanaut Dennis and Judith, the Super Mario Bros furniture consists of Super Mario Bros themed shelves, table and clock. The clock features the scene from Super Mario  Land, and the shelf is made out of wooden boxes on the background of hills and cloud, colored in signature yellow, green and brown.

Super Mario Brothers Super Dresser

Painted by hand by Semifrank for his son, the Super dresser features Super Mario Brothers Mario and Luigi together with awesomely cute mushroom Toad.

Super Mario Bros Quilts

If the Super Mario Bros furniture items above are not enough to settle your crazy fandom, these super cool Super Mario Bros quilts by Punzie are exactly what you need to lull you into the dream of Super Mario Bros Land.

Super Mario Bros Hat Pillow

Die-hard fans of Super Mario Bros can now take their passion into their dream with these Super Mario Bros hat pillows. The pillows come in two different colors, representing either the Mario in red or his famous brother Luigi in green.

Super Mario Bros Wooden Coin Box

Featuring the signature question mark on sides and the 8 bit style coin on top, this Super Mario Bros wooden coin box is perfect to save money until the release of the next version.

Super Mario Wooden Frame Art

With talent and ultimate love for Super Mario Bros, Mikhail St-Denis has designed a set of 5 by 5 wooden frames inspired by the classic video game. The one in the picture above is dubbed as the Super Mario Brothers World which comes with the picture of mushrooms, stars and grenades from the Super Mario series.

Super Mario Bros Sneakers

Nike always knows how to to satisfy gamers with special edition sneakers designed for geeks only. Last year, they introduced a beautiful series of Super Mario Bros themed sneakers. Each pair features a famous character of the video game: Super Mario Brothers Mario and Luigi, Princess Peach and super villain Wario.

Super Mario Bros Tram

Melbourne seems to have found something more interesting than kangaroo to endorse, and it’s our heroes Super Mario Bros. To celebrate Super Mario’s 25th birthday, the city decided to give their tram network a Super Mario makeover. The trams look like they have a little Mario mustache going with a bunch of Super Mario Bros characters posing on their sides.

Super Mario Bros Vest

Even though the design and the colors look kind of cool, if Barney Stinson from “How I met your mother” were here, he would call this Super Mario Bros sweater vest Why-can’t-I-get-laid vest.

Super Mario Bros Camouflage Hoodie

Playfully called Marioflage 1-2 as an upgraded version of their last named Marioflage 1-1, this hoodie has a dark underground color scheme featuring 8-bit smokescreen type design. The hoodie also comes with triple panels, Mushroom zipper-pull, and Ipod pocket with WarpZone inside it.

Super Mario and Luigi Rings

Get your hands on your favorite video games with Super Mario and Luigi rings. Designed by Patricia of Charlie Carter Creations, this pair of rings is best to be worn by two best friends to signify their firm friendship.

Super Mario Bros Yahtzee Dice Game

If you are bored of the classic white and black-pipped Yahtzee dice, this colorful Super Mario Bros dice game will definitely cheer you up. With 5 dice whose sides are painted as Red Mushroom, Coin, Yoshi Egg, Green Shell, Fire Flower, and Star, you can play three different games called Luck, Strategy and Probability.

Super Mario Bros Matryoshka Dolls

Super Mario Bros goes Russian in this set of Super Mario Bros Matryoshka dolls. Mario and his brother Luigi fit the image perfectly with their pot belly, whereas the Princess, Toad, and other characters make us laugh out loud with their funny new appearances.

McMario Roly-Poly

McMario is an extremely cute inflated version of a winking Super Mario figure. The Mc prefix makes you think of the toys that come along with McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Super Mario Bros Keychains

These light, shining Super Mario Bros keychains feature various Mario mascots for your preferences: the green and red mushrooms, Mario star, the question mark box and a few more.

Super Mario Bros Keychain Gadget

Apart from the Super Mario design, this keychain gadget also plays different themes and sounds from the video game.

Super Mario Bros Energy Drink

1-up your gaming skills with Super Mario Bros drink! Dubbed as the Super Mario Bros Power Up! Energy Drink, it comes in an 8.4 oz can of blue-raspberry flavor.

Super Mario Piranha Plant Pez Dispensers

Inspired by the Super Mario Bros. franchise, Nikejerk created a line of custom Piranha plant Pez dispensers for those who enjoy playing Mario games as much as munching on Pez.