Kinect Controlled USB Missile Launcher

Kinect has led many hackers to do very innovative things and one such innovative hacker is Jonas Wagner. Jonas has managed to connect his Microsoft Kinect to a USB missile launcher, through which one can protect one’s territory by just waving hands!

To begin with, the USB missile launcher is a pretty cool toy that works anywhere there is an Internet connection. In fact, you could sit in Chicago and fire a missile at your ex-boyfriend’s dog in London when you are in a bad mood. Only, the USB missile launcher works on MSN messenger at the moment, but it would soon be available on Facebook, Skype and other social networks as well.

If that weren’t cool enough, Jonas has rigged his Kinect to create a sort of futuristic situation in which one can just wave hands, and the USB missile launcher would be activated somewhere else. All this can be seen right on the screen of your monitor while you are having fun. All that Jonas did was to mount a webcam on top of the USB missile launcher. With the help of his Python skills, and used the libfreenect library for control.

After this step, Jonas discovered he could just use his hands to position the USB missile launcher and fire it at his victim by just waving his hands. Thanks to Kinect, Jonas could achieve what we usually believe to happen only in science fiction movies. If you watch the video carefully, you can see Jonas having an indescribable amount of fun trying to shoot at his target by waving his hands.

Indeed, a little creative thinking could go a long way, even when it comes to hacking! If you think USB missile launchers are a little too extreme, you could try the Kinect Rigged Helicopter, which would take you to new heights. Kinect Veltrobot would intrigue those who are into bots. If you do not like playing with toys and instead would play video games, you could try the Kinect Mario Hack as well.

Via: Get USB