WVIL Concept Camera: Making the Most of Wireless Technology

Every time a new technological advancement takes place we get to hear remarks like ‘the future has arrived’. A couple of days later a new technology appears.

The mobile phone is one such device that has kept designers and engineers always researching new possibilities. From a basic phone it has gone on to become a multipurpose device. The phone is just a part of it. The camera embedded in the phone is being developed with every new model being launched by every brand. One of the very recent developments has fused the camera and phone function to the extent of giving the best of photo qualities as well as the mobile phone function.

The new phone cum camera concept is called WVIL, short for Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens. When you look at the device it will appear as a normal camera with an elongated lens and a digital viewfinder. As you use a normal digital camera so can you click photos using the WVIL. However, your viewfinder need not be with you always. Since it is a wireless device the lens can be detached from the main device and placed at a desirable location to enable better view of events. Using the wireless viewfinder you can easily capture moments from a distance. This not only makes photography more convenient but it also overcomes the difficulty of taking photos in awkward positions.

After you have clicked photos you can do more beyond viewing and saving it. You can save it in more than one location and share it at the same time with friends and family. This is made possible by the phone attached to it. The entire device contains a holder that houses the lens on one side and the phone on the other. The lens, as mentioned earlier, is detachable. Same goes for the phone. All the photos you capture are stored in the phone memory. From here you can connect to all those applications you normally connect to via your phone network. You can upload your photos on any social networking website, such as Facebook, or mail it across to people.

The WVIL has been intelligently been designed by the brain force working at Artefact. This could be referred to as a redesigning of digital photography but the aspect of spinning together the digital world with the wireless technology throws up a whole new world of possibilities. It may yet be in the prototype stage and still awaiting patency but once it starts full-fledged production it is going to attract a good audience.

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Via: Fubiz