Super Mario Crossover 2.0: Mario Reloaded

If the NES was the greatest console of all time or we just nostalgia goggles, we’ll never know. But oh, so many titles became absolute classics…

Amongst those, the most well known one was Super Mario Bros, starred by the plumber who went on to become Nintendo’s main man and franchise, along with The Legend Of Zelda and Pokémon. Still, that doesn’t mean we don’t have room in our hearts for Castlevania, Megaman, Metroid, Contra, Ninja Gaiden and so many other titles of the 8-bit years.

The guys at Exploding Rabbit and project leader Jay Pavlina must have been thinking the same, as they decided to combine them all in a single game, based off of the original Super Mario Bros, but with as many characters as they could fit.


Now, granted, the whole Internet went crazy when this was announced a few years ago, but this time, instead of gameplay videos we get a complete game! And not only that, the authors have used their time wisely, and added several “skin” packs that upgrade the game to 16 bits, or to Super Mario Bros 3 style graphics, as opposed to the original Super Mario Bros, or even change the whole feel to classic Gameboy, the system that gave us so much joy during the 90s.

New characters were added, the graphics were polished, the music and levels expanded, this is the real deal for any fan of the classics. Now you get to play as any of your favorite characters in some of the best designed levels of all time. Don’t miss the opportunity and head over to the exploding rabbit website to download it.

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