Super Mario Crossover Getting a 3.0 Update This Summer

The browser-based game that stars all your favorite retro-gaming pals is getting a version 3.0. Find out what crossover craziness is in store this time.

Super Mario Crossover 3.0 image 2

Game developer Exploding Rabbits (sweet name for a dev by the way) released the Cartoon All-Stars of retro-video games that was Super Mario Crossover three years ago, and to celebrate the occasion they’re bringing out version 3.0.

And if Super Mario Crossover wasn’t already reaching maximum levels crossover hijinks by featuring the playable likes of Link, Mega Man, Simon Belmont, and oh so more tackling the Super Mario Bros. universe, well you thought wrong, amigo.

Super Mario Crossover 3.0 image 1

Certainly, more levels are in store for version 3.0 – especially new ones based off a forgotten Game Boy Color gem, Super Mario Mario Bros. Special – but the gang over at Exploding Rabbits is also promising more playable characters and map skins.

F.I.Y. map skins in Super Mario Crossover allow you change the visual style of the game from Atari 2600 or Super Nintendo graphics. You can even switch over to the graphical set of a level to match the likes of Castelvania or Super Mario Bros. 2.

Now you might have noticed the split-screen action in the trailer above, well another cool new feature in Super Mario Crossover 3.0 is the addition of a easy and hard mode, which throws in different level gimmicks at the player depending on the difficulty chosen. Pretty cool.

I for one can’t wait to try out all the crazy awesome updates in version 3.0, and you can too when it drops sometime in the summer. Just check-in with Exploding Rabbits to out exactly when that is, and read up about their Kickstarter rally for their next game.

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