Video Game & Comic Book Heroes Get Zombified

One artist recently produced some really awesome video game and comic book hero portraits albeit with a decidedly zombie twist. How many can you recognize?

zombie batman

I love zombies. I also happen to really love it when people combine well-known figures, heroes and comic book characters with zombies.

Recently I’ve had the fortune of seeing both of these things combine in a way that simply makes me giddy with excitement. Here we’ve got a ton of characters, each one zombified and looking marvellously creepy. I particularly like the Donald Duck and Waldo ones, with those huge vacant eyes and scary teeth. But, I suppose that can be said of any of these.

zombie waldo

According to our source, the images were created by an artist named Andre de Freitas. A photographer and illustrator by trade, de Freitas received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Animation and has apparently been putting it to good use.

zombie raphael ninja turtle

We’ve seen some great super hero and zombie mashups, notably in the marvel universe before. One thing these portraits tell us is that if even old cartoon characters like Popeye the Sailor and Charlie Brown can be infected, it means that nobody is safe from being infected by a zombie. Be on your guard at all times!

zombie donald duck

The artist has a ton more on his portfolio site, so be sure to check them all out.

zombie charlie brown

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