Portal Christmas Tree: Two Dimensions, One Tremendous Tree

A wacky ultra cool Christmas tree, based on Portal, that is sure to confuse jolly Santa Claus on where to place your presents.

A Portal Christmas Tree Header Image

Someone down at Aperture Science might want to check the cupboard to where they keep their portal guns, because my Scooby-Doo mystery sense is tingling wildly that one might be missing. Really, how else could you then explain the above picture of a Portal Christmas tree, hmm?

Strings? Clear tape? LED Rope Lights that you can buy at Target for around twelve bucks a piece? Ha! I highly doubt it.

Okay, okay — so that might be exactly what’s going on here despite my impossible dreams of one day having a real-life portal gun in my hands (I won’t stop believing though!) But give this picture major props though, it’s such an awesomely creative way to deck out your Christmas tree.

A Portal Christmas Tree Image

I wonder if they (whoever) could possibly do the same thing for our Jewish friends celebrating Hanukkah? There’s likely a chance of setting the house on fire, with the whole candles on the¬†Menorah and what not, sure, but the final product might be cool. That settles it then, get on to it Internet! *Clap-clap*

So, how was your Christmas day friends? Did you happen to get one of the super cool items on our Ultimate Geek Gift Guides, or if you happen to live in Japan, a PlayStation Vita, which just launched a few weeks ago?