Left 4 Dead Film Trailer

It might be just under ten minutes, but this “unlicensed” Left 4 Dead movie trailer packs in a whole lot of zombie-hunting action. Check it out!

Left 4 Dead Image 1

Ahh, the splatter of blood across sidewalks and the shrieks of flesh-eating zombies; the true hallmarks of the holiday season, indeed. Okay, probably not. But if you are in the serious need of a break away from “jingle bells” or “balls of holly,” plus think zombies are “da bomb” (drat straight, homeboy) – then stop, drop, and roll this awesome Left 4 Dead movie trailer.

Yes. I too thought the out-of-nowhere appearances of Master Chief, Scorpion, and Marcus Fenix were a tad over the top – alright, alright, they were wayyy over the top – but from tone and source adaptation, this Left 4 Dead movie project, which I should add is 100% real and coming to the Internet near you, totally nails down the feel of the immensely popular (can you say 11 million copies sold?) cooperative zombie-shooting series by Valve.

Northern Five Entertainment, the producers of the Left 4 Dead film who are proudly backed by airsoft retailer Airsoft GI, certainly did an awesome job here. The acting is surprisingly good, and zombies that attack movie-Zoey, Louis and Francis don’t appear to be made by a kid and his stolen copy of Maya (look it up); they too, look quite convincingly made. So much so, I kind want to see the full release whenever the heck that comes out.

For the time being though, join us as we go over The Ultimate Geek Guide to Christmas, which collects all of our brilliant geeky gift-giving ideas for Christmas 2011. There’s probably not a Futuristic Vending Machine With Transparent Touch Screen anywhere on there, but you should still be able to find something (almost) equally great!